• Suitcase

  • Backpack with your travel bag

  • Extra bag to put your new bought souvenirs




  • Hiking boots, flip flop or comfortable to shoes to walk

  • Rain jacket and umbrella

  • Sun hat

  • Warm clothes to wear in the morning and evening

  • Sleeping bag




  • Bandages

  • Headache medicine

  • Stomachache medicine

  • Motion sick medicine

  • Liquid anti bacteria

  • Sore throat and coach medicine




  • Sun block

  • Moisturizer

  • Extra battery for your camera

  • Sun glass

  • Anti Mosquito bite cream

  • Hat flashlight

  • Socket converter


Other information


When you are in Mongolia you will use Mongolian currency TUKRIK.


Please bring extra money to buy which is not included in the tour package. (souvenirs, extra drinks, foods and snacks etc.,)


Most of roads in Mongolia are obstacle course which require 4*4 vehicles for countryside tours.
We are offers you a various 4*4 vehicles, with high skilled drivers who hold many years of experience in providing high quality service to tourists.


Here, you can see the type of the cars we offer on the tour:

 1. Russian minivan:

 We will be providing Russian minivan for most of our trips.

Russian minivan is a powerful and one of the most popular vehicles in Mongolia as it is designed country, almost every driver can mend it at any situation. Very good at dusty, bumpy tracks, mountain, mud, good at water, also sandy areas. 

 Passengers:  6, plus a driver and tour guide

2. 4WD Japanese Jeep:

Japanese jeeps are most comfortable vehicles for traveling in Mongolia. All cars a equipped with air condition. They are really good at dust roads, mountains, mud, water and  sandy areas, though, if once break down in remote areas none would be able to  mend it straight away, and the fuel is not very common in remote areas.

Passenger: 3, plus a driver
Example vehicles: Toyota Landcruiser 80, Land-470




3..4WD Japanese minivan Mitsubishi Delica:

Delica is comfortable, fast and reliable. Good at dust roads and on paved road. When driving on dust roads dust won’t come into the minibus.

Passengers: 6, plus a driver

4. 4 WD Korean minivan:

Starex: is comfortable, fast vehicle with air condition. Good at dust roads and on paved road. When driving on dust roads dust won’t come into the minibus.
Passengers: 6, plus a driver


and others

About us


Manal.Ts was born in 1979 in Umnugobi aimag ат herder family and he grown up herding.He graduated 1st secondary school in Umnugobi aimag between 1987 to 1997. After he graduated his secondary school in 1999 he became a driver and moved to Ulaanbaatar city.

In 2002-2012, for 10 years he used to work in tourist companies such as “Asian tourists” LLC, “E-Mongolia” LLC, “Khongor expedition” LLC. He continuously used to drive for foreigners to make a travel through our Mongolian beautiful country.


Bolormaa.M was born in 1984 in Umnugobi aimag. She graduated her secondary school between 1992-2002 in first secondary school.In 2002-2006 graduated “Gazarchin” University by tourism and hotel manager. Between 2007-2014 she used to work by guide for foreigners in “Asian tourists” LLC and “Khongor expedition” LLC.

We are married in 2005 and still herding. We really appreciate that we were born in Mongolia and adore our culture. Since 2007, we hired some herd to help us and our stock growing much faster because of their help. Now we became a herder having more than a thousand stock.

In 2012 we established a tourism company “A daughter of Great Gobi”. Since then we made a lot of comfortable tourisms with foreigners through Mongolian beautiful country. And we really appreciate that our tourists are very happy for our service.



Nomadic family:

One od main highlights of our tour is staying with the hospitable nomads a great way to experience.You can even stay with them to wonderful experience real nomadic lifestyle, culture, and traditions. You will learn what work they do and how they successfully manage it all……

Toilet: In the countryside, where there may not be a bush or tree for hundreds of kilometres, modesty is not something to worry about – just do it where you want to, but away from gers. Also, try to avoid such places as ovoos (sacred cairns of stones), rivers and lakes (water sources for nomads).



Mongolia is the perfect place to camp!!
Camping is possible anywhere in beautiful landscape, sounds great and it makes so peaceful.
We provide our guests with high quality tents and mattresses.

Ger camp:

Ger camp is the main accommodation in the countryside during the tours.The Ger camps are located close to the main attractions.

What in normally inside the ger-4-6 beds, a simple table and traditional stove.
Pit toilets In most hotels in Ulaanbaatar, aimag capitals and most tourist camps, toilets are the sit-down European variety. Ger camps, you will have to use pit toilets and hold your breath.

Tourist camp:

A tourist camp has bigger than Ger camp. Has 15-45 gers are cozy and comfortable, a large ger or house restaurant, serves with European and Mongolian meals.

Bathroom has electric lights and mirrors, basins with running water.

You could take a shower, hot water works special times of days and cold at other times ( water heats by solar or fire).






Capital and size: Ulaanbaatar; 1,565,000 sq km

Population: in 2015 reached at 3.000,000

Currency: Mongolian togrog

Official language: Mongolian

You may ask from yourself that why you must visit Mongolia!!!         



* Mongolia, it is the motherland of great Chinggis Khan who created the mighty Mongol Empire. How vast the historical land where located in plateau of Central Asia. The largest landlocked country in the world, bordered by great countries Russia and China.

 * Mongolia, which lies at the center of Asian continent, is an ancient nation with long, recorded history. Moreover, it is one of the few countries that has kept its pristine nature untouched, its air fresh, its streams, rivers and lakes clear, and its mountains, plants and forests foster.

Visit Mongolia, lifestyle the people, especially of the herders, nomadic civilization, unequaled virgin nature, historic and cultural heritage unveiled to the foreign visitors and tourists.
* Mongolian Gobi is rich with fossilized bones and eggs of dinosaurs that are scarce.

* As the birthplace of Chinggis khan, Mongolia specially attracts foreigners with its 11th to 13th century history reflecting the dynamic life of the Great khan and his descendants.


Wish you a pleasant journey in my country!




Our guide will cooking for you… 


Guides will serve you your daily food prepared with fresh meat and vegetables bought from major marketplaces along the travel route.


If you are a vegetarian, they will serve you vegetarian food specially made for you.


They are not great cook, but you don’t worry the food will be great!

Mutton, rice, noodles and vegetables form the basis of the Mongolian diet, so your meals will be based around this.

For breakfast, include bread, jam, eggs, peanut butter, cheese and sometimes fresh dairy products ( such as, milk, cheese and yogurt) !

Tourist camps provide western meals.
Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian.

We will provide you with bottled or purified drinking water throughout your trip



 Personal safety

We are well known tourist company and there is no hesitation and you can trust us.

-Please make a regular health check up before you travel. It’s better to make a right travel depending on your health, so do not plan to do many things in one day. Be aware getting stress and do not over drink alcohol. If you feel any health problem, please contact to hospital right away.

-Please prepare regular medicines for headache, stomachache. Bring your medicine, if you have any chronic illness.

Travel safety

-It’s better to get a service from certified travel agent. Must follow the agent rules and advice.

-Choose a right travel suits for your interest, age and health.

-If you want to swim river or lake, please let travel guide to know. Because they know where is safe and dangerous area.

-Choose your confortable clothes and shoes to hike in the mountains.

-Please wear shirts with sleeve where you travel in hot zone area. Because there is possibility to have flies and mosquitos.

-It’s better to hold your passport, documents and expensive things with you. Or you can keep it in travel office’s safe.

-Travel cautious while you traveling with your passport and documents. It’s good thing to watch other group tourist’s belongings.

-Do not let enter strangers to your room. Always check your open window and door before you sleep. It’s better to lock it. Do not put your expensive things easy places to steal.

Food security

-Please check expiration date and factory where it’s made when you buy foods.

-Do not buy foods which doesn’t suit for you.

Be cautious from thief.




The Mongolia-nomad-tour is family-run hostel situated on Seoul street, one of the vibrant streets of Ulaanbaatar. Big windows facing both the North and West. 24 hour security, special key for elevators and the corridor.

Our hostel has 167 sq. meters of an area including Living room with kitchen, Double bedroom, Dormitory, Office area and bathroom (2).

We will do literally everything to make your stay comfortable with us. Also we have reception for 24 hours and happy friendly can help you when you want.

 Our guest house has the following additional features:

+ Best breakfast 

+ High speed internet & Wifi

+ Hot shower which includes soap & bath towels

+ All bed sheets and towels provided


 We wish you enjoy stay with us!

Hostel in Ulanbatar



+ Picking up or drop to Airport and train station ($10)

+ Train & Bus & Air ticket service ($20)

+ Laundry

+ Camping stuff

Hostel price:

 + Dorm bed- $10 per night
 + Double bedroom- $ 25 per night

Nearby locations (within 100 meters)

 + All commercial banks: (Khan, Xac, Golomt, TDB, State)

 + Shopping mall: (Naran, State Department store, UB store etc)

 + Restaurants:  ( Pub: Grand Khan Irish, Bull, California, Los-Angeles etc.)

 + Authentic food store: Mercury Food Market