Capital and size: Ulaanbaatar; 1,565,000 sq km

Population: in 2015 reached at 3.000,000

Currency: Mongolian togrog

Official language: Mongolian

You may ask from yourself that why you must visit Mongolia!!!         



* Mongolia, it is the motherland of great Chinggis Khan who created the mighty Mongol Empire. How vast the historical land where located in plateau of Central Asia. The largest landlocked country in the world, bordered by great countries Russia and China.

 * Mongolia, which lies at the center of Asian continent, is an ancient nation with long, recorded history. Moreover, it is one of the few countries that has kept its pristine nature untouched, its air fresh, its streams, rivers and lakes clear, and its mountains, plants and forests foster.

Visit Mongolia, lifestyle the people, especially of the herders, nomadic civilization, unequaled virgin nature, historic and cultural heritage unveiled to the foreign visitors and tourists.
* Mongolian Gobi is rich with fossilized bones and eggs of dinosaurs that are scarce.

* As the birthplace of Chinggis khan, Mongolia specially attracts foreigners with its 11th to 13th century history reflecting the dynamic life of the Great khan and his descendants.


Wish you a pleasant journey in my country!