About us


Manal.Ts was born in 1979 in Umnugobi aimag ат herder family and he grown up herding.He graduated 1st secondary school in Umnugobi aimag between 1987 to 1997. After he graduated his secondary school in 1999 he became a driver and moved to Ulaanbaatar city.

In 2002-2012, for 10 years he used to work in tourist companies such as “Asian tourists” LLC, “E-Mongolia” LLC, “Khongor expedition” LLC. He continuously used to drive for foreigners to make a travel through our Mongolian beautiful country.


Bolormaa.M was born in 1984 in Umnugobi aimag. She graduated her secondary school between 1992-2002 in first secondary school.In 2002-2006 graduated “Gazarchin” University by tourism and hotel manager. Between 2007-2014 she used to work by guide for foreigners in “Asian tourists” LLC and “Khongor expedition” LLC.

We are married in 2005 and still herding. We really appreciate that we were born in Mongolia and adore our culture. Since 2007, we hired some herd to help us and our stock growing much faster because of their help. Now we became a herder having more than a thousand stock.

In 2012 we established a tourism company “A daughter of Great Gobi”. Since then we made a lot of comfortable tourisms with foreigners through Mongolian beautiful country. And we really appreciate that our tourists are very happy for our service.