Nomadic family:

One od main highlights of our tour is staying with the hospitable nomads a great way to experience.You can even stay with them to wonderful experience real nomadic lifestyle, culture, and traditions. You will learn what work they do and how they successfully manage it all……

Toilet: In the countryside, where there may not be a bush or tree for hundreds of kilometres, modesty is not something to worry about – just do it where you want to, but away from gers. Also, try to avoid such places as ovoos (sacred cairns of stones), rivers and lakes (water sources for nomads).



Mongolia is the perfect place to camp!!
Camping is possible anywhere in beautiful landscape, sounds great and it makes so peaceful.
We provide our guests with high quality tents and mattresses.

Ger camp:

Ger camp is the main accommodation in the countryside during the tours.The Ger camps are located close to the main attractions.

What in normally inside the ger-4-6 beds, a simple table and traditional stove.
Pit toilets In most hotels in Ulaanbaatar, aimag capitals and most tourist camps, toilets are the sit-down European variety. Ger camps, you will have to use pit toilets and hold your breath.

Tourist camp:

A tourist camp has bigger than Ger camp. Has 15-45 gers are cozy and comfortable, a large ger or house restaurant, serves with European and Mongolian meals.

Bathroom has electric lights and mirrors, basins with running water.

You could take a shower, hot water works special times of days and cold at other times ( water heats by solar or fire).