Personal safety

We are well known tourist company and there is no hesitation and you can trust us.

-Please make a regular health check up before you travel. It’s better to make a right travel depending on your health, so do not plan to do many things in one day. Be aware getting stress and do not over drink alcohol. If you feel any health problem, please contact to hospital right away.

-Please prepare regular medicines for headache, stomachache. Bring your medicine, if you have any chronic illness.

Travel safety

-It’s better to get a service from certified travel agent. Must follow the agent rules and advice.

-Choose a right travel suits for your interest, age and health.

-If you want to swim river or lake, please let travel guide to know. Because they know where is safe and dangerous area.

-Choose your confortable clothes and shoes to hike in the mountains.

-Please wear shirts with sleeve where you travel in hot zone area. Because there is possibility to have flies and mosquitos.

-It’s better to hold your passport, documents and expensive things with you. Or you can keep it in travel office’s safe.

-Travel cautious while you traveling with your passport and documents. It’s good thing to watch other group tourist’s belongings.

-Do not let enter strangers to your room. Always check your open window and door before you sleep. It’s better to lock it. Do not put your expensive things easy places to steal.

Food security

-Please check expiration date and factory where it’s made when you buy foods.

-Do not buy foods which doesn’t suit for you.

Be cautious from thief.