• Suitcase

  • Backpack with your travel bag

  • Extra bag to put your new bought souvenirs




  • Hiking boots, flip flop or comfortable to shoes to walk

  • Rain jacket and umbrella

  • Sun hat

  • Warm clothes to wear in the morning and evening

  • Sleeping bag




  • Bandages

  • Headache medicine

  • Stomachache medicine

  • Motion sick medicine

  • Liquid anti bacteria

  • Sore throat and coach medicine




  • Sun block

  • Moisturizer

  • Extra battery for your camera

  • Sun glass

  • Anti Mosquito bite cream

  • Hat flashlight

  • Socket converter


Other information


When you are in Mongolia you will use Mongolian currency TUKRIK.


Please bring extra money to buy which is not included in the tour package. (souvenirs, extra drinks, foods and snacks etc.,)