“Amazing travel experience all part of Mongolia”

The following lists are showing you that 9 Reasons, why you should choose our tour, Highlights Mongolia.


1. Mongolia history-great empire of Chingis Khan (Kharkhorin city and Erdenezuu monastery) 

2.Beautiful nature-real wild and free nature

3. Staying with nomadic families in there ger-friendly and hospitable

4. Traditional Mongolian food-you’ll never forget mutton and milk tea

5. The majestic Altai Tavan Bogd-wonderful tour for walking in the national park

6. Khovsgol lake, the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia-to visit Reindeer herders, to see interesting life style.

7 Climb up highest sand-dune of Mongolia-you get to see fantastic shadows of sunrise from the top of sand-dune.

8 You can to see other best destination of Mongolia.

9 Wild camping in the countryside---Mongolia is the perfect place to camp! camping is possible anywhere, sounds great and it makes so peaceful.



Duration: 33 days,32 nights trip

Transportation: Vehicle 4*4 off road minivan, highly skilled driver

Accommodation: 7 nights in Ger camp,3 nights at Tourist camp,18 night in tent,1nights in real nomad family,3 nights in Hotel.

Meals: Mongolian and Western meals, dessert and bottled water:1,5L per day /per person /

Total distance-5200km



Day1: Drive to Ogii fresh water lake,you will go hiking to along the lake, or great fishing…because it’s a very fish-rich lake.

Day 2: Kharkhorin village the symbolic ruins of the 13th century capital of Mongol Empire and will visit to Erdenezuu monastery is the most oldest believed Buddhist temple in Mongolia. Overnight in “Ger” camp.

Day 3: Drive to Tsenkher hot spring. Will stay in the tourist camp, you get to not only take shower, relax in the warm Spa water pool.

Day 4: Terkh Great White lake

Great white lake is beautiful lake with fresh water, located near the Khorgo volcano crater in Tariat soun in Arkhangai province. Overnight in Ger camp.

Day 5: Terkh White lake (horse trip to Khorgo volcano)

Day 6: Shine-ider village on the way to next destination.

Day 7:   Drive to beautiful Khovsgol Lake, known as “The Dark Blue Pearl” lake Khovsgol is Mongolia’s largest and deepest pure lake. Overnight at Tourist camp.

Day 8: Start horse trip to see Reindeer family’s lifestyle and back to Khovsgol lake

Day 9: Tsagaan lake

Day 10: Tsagaan uul village. It is useful break to nest destination. Overnight will stay in tent join with the nature.

Day 11: Telmen lake. Overnight in tent

Day 12: Khyargas lake. Overnight in tent

Day 13: Bayan lake. Overnight in tent

Day 14: Uvs lake and Uvs province. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 15: Uureg lake. Overnight in tent

Day 16: Achit lake. Overnight in tent

Day 17: Bayan-olgii province. Overnight in Hotel

Day18: Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Day19: You will great experience Altai Tavan Bogd national park with horse riding and to visit Khazakh family as well,

Day20: Xoton Xyrgan lake overnight camping around the lake.

Day21: Tolbo lake

Day22: The permanently snow-copped Tsambaragav mountain. Overnight in tent, enjoy with nature

Day23: Olom lake and Khovd river. Overnight in tent join with nature

Day24: Gurvan Tsenkher cave: There are two caves both facing to the north in slope of small rocky mountain, which stands on the Khoid Tsenkher River. The cave is 20m deep and inhabited by humans 40.000 – 12.000 years ago. The wall of the cave filled with rock paintings from Paleolithic era.

Day25: Gobi-Altai province overnight in Hotel

Day26: Boon tsagaan nuur overnight in tent

Day27: Zuun mod zulganai overnight in tent

Day28: Khermen tsav- 65-250 million years ago Khermen tsav was an ocean bed. The red colors in the sunset brings you feel like you you are on the moon surface

Day29: Toli khad- Mirror cliff in Sevrei mountain which is located 5 km northwest of Noyon soum, Ömnögovi province.

The cliff has a unique natural formation and vast sky with clouds, surrounding scenery and mountains are clearly reflected on the cliff. That is why it is called Mirror cliff. Overnight in tent, enjoy the nature

Day30:    Khongor sand dune- (This is one of the largest send dune of Mongolia. It is over 180km long, 3-5 km wide, lowest point 10m high, highest point is 200-300m high from the earth, where you will experience sand dune with camel riding. The two-humped Bactrian camels are very comfortable to ride as they walk slowly and gently, and you will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably between them. Our camel man will lead you safely through the sand dunes.

Day 31: After breakfast start our trip at 9o’clock, drive to ‘Gobi Three Beauties’ National Park visit to Yol ice canyon. This area is a home to endangered snow-leopards, Bearded Vulture, mountain goat and mountain sheep. There you guys might see some wild those animals. You will walk total 6km to the Canyon.) Stay in the small Ger camp.

Day 32: Last night will stay Real nomadic family, enjoy with them have a special dinner Mongolian Barbeque (witch called Khorkhog)

Day 33: Drive back to UB city, After lunch will be arrive in UB