“Khan khentii Mountain national park, this is the native land of Genghis Khan and contains many important historical and cultural sites”

About: Khan Khentii Mountain National Park:

The Khan Khentii Mountain National Park is one of the Mongolian natural and historical treasures, declared by UNESCO as world heritage site, covered with forests, taiga, and mountain forest steppe. Also in the land described in The Secret History of Mongols, is one of the most popular historical and natural destination in the country.

What to see in this places?

One of our recommended trip to eastern Mongolia, following itinerary destine to historic sites, including are.. the history of Chinggis Khan’s childhood and his birth place, Khalkhiin-gol,witch is memorials in word war II, Bereeven monastery which is (served as the main religious center in Eastern Mongolia registered with about 5000-7000 lamas during its higher developed period). and one of famous destination is Dornod Mongolia steppe with white-tailed gazelle. Other most exciting way riding a horse through forests, to canyon overlooks and to views of Khan Kentii National Park.



Duration: 13 days,12nights trip

Transportation: Vehicle 4*4 off road minivan, highly skilled driver

Accommodation: 10 days stay in tent,2 nights hotel in province

Meals : Mongolian and Western meals, dessert and bottled water:1,5L per day /per person /

Total distance-3067km



Day1: Start our trip from UB city at 10 O’clock, our first destination is Chinggis Khan statue complex which is world's largest statue of a rider on a horse, located 54km from Ulaanbaatar. Genghis Khan Statue Complex which is 40 meter high and named Tsonjin Boldog.This statue, showing Chinggis Khaan (1162-1227) with a golden whip in his right hand gazing into the distance. You will ascend to the exhibition hall using an elevator at the back of the horse and will walk to the horse's head passing through its chest and the back of its neck from where they will have an excellent panoramic view over the complex area and the scenery beyond. On the way will have lunch than will continue our trip drive to the Blue lake which is more well-known as Khukh nuur and come through  “Baldanbereevin” monastery.The remains of Bereeven Monastery are located in the depression of the Bereeven Mountains . The monastery was made of granite stone in 1777. The God of "Manzushir" with 3 meters high and 2 meters wide was crafted on the steep and reddish, granite stone is to the south east of the monastery. The main worship hall was built in 1813. It had 32 columns and 3 stairs, which called "Utai gumben" but it has broken beside the wall. Last a few years American builder rebuilt it. The monastery at one time was home to 8,000 lamas. It was the religious center of the eastern Khalkh Mongols. The buildings were mainly constructed of stone and wood because of its location near the forests. No detailed studies on Bereeven Monastery exist.. Overnight in tent join with nature.

Day2: Today we are going to driving  “Rashaant had” rock carving through “Oglogch wall” ancient Qidan town. Oglogch Wall is located at the base of Daichin Mountain, 45km southwest of Batshireet soum. The wall, 3km in length, is made entirely of stones without the use of mortar.

Day3: Choibalsan, the capital city of Dornod province. It is useful break to nest destination. Overnight in Hotel

Day4: BUIR NUUR (LAKE BUIR) Located 285 kilometres from Choibalsan, and at a height of 581 metres, this pretty saltwater lake offers crystal-clear waters and good fishing opportunities. Stretching across Khalkh Gol Sumber sums, this is the largest lake in eastern Mongolia, over 20 kilometres wide and 40 kilometres long. Its north-west shore is in China.

Day5: Drive to :Khalkhiin-gol. Witch is memorials in world war II, through “Ikh burkhant” monastery ruin.

Day6: Erdene tsagaan village overnight tent enjoy with nature.

Day7: Drive to Ganga Lake and Shiliin bogd which is sacred by many Mongolians that the spirit of any man who climbs it, especially at sunrise, will be revived. The statue of Tooroi bandi, the Robin Hood of Mongolia 

Day 8: Drive to Shiliin Bogd-Taliin agui, which is one of the largest caves in Mongolia. 200 meters long with a volume op 100.000 cubic meters 14km from shiliin bogd mountain. If the ice covering the entrance has melted (it is normally covered until August) you can squeeze through the narrow entrance and the cave has seven chambers to explore. You’ll need a torch to see anything, and be careful on the icy floor.

Day9: Drive to Sain-shand, capital city of Dorno-gobi province overnight Hotel

Day 10: Drive to “Khamar” monastery it is situated 18km from Sainshand town of Dornogovi province.  Danzanravjaa completed his basic training in Buddhist literature, art, religion and philosophy by the early 1820s. Thereafter he established the three monasteries of Galbyn Uul, all of which became local centers of culture, art, and education, overnight in the tent.

Day11: Drive to Choir mountain. Overnight in the tent

Day12: Drive to Manzushir Monastery which is located in Tov aimag 52 km from UB. The Monastery has a beautiful valley of streams, pine birches, cedar trees, and dotted with granite, boulders. Will stay there in tent.

Day13: Drive back to UB city. Will be arrive in UB in the afternoon.