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About: Tsgaan sar

“Tsagaan sar” The festival of the ‘white moon’ which is the biggest traditional celebration in Mongolia, celebrated in the beginning of Spring. Mongols visit all families and friends on this traditional holiday. People dress in traditional beautiful clothes, greet each other with holiday-specific greetings such as Amar baina u? meaning "Are you living peacefully? During the greeting ceremony, family members hold long, typically blue, silk cloths called a “khadag” After the ceremony, the extended family eats sheep's tail, mutton, rice with curds, dairy products, traditional dishes buuz, typical to drink airag and exchange gifts.

The day before Tsagaan Sar is called “Bituun”.The name of the lunar phase of a new or Dark moon. The lunar phases are Bituun (dark moon), Shined (new crescent moon), Tergel (full moon), and Huuchid (waxing moon). On the Bituun day, people thoroughly clean around home, herders also clean the livestock barns and shades, to meet the New Year fresh. The Bituun ceremony also includes burning candles to symbolize enlightenment of the samsara and all sentient beings and putting three pieces of ice at the doorway so that the horse of the deity “Paldan Lhamo” could drink as the deity is believed to visit every household on this day. In the evening, families gather together—usually immediate family, contrast to the large feast gatherings of White Moon day — and see out the old year eating dairy products and buuz. Traditionally, Mongolians settle all issues and repay all debts from the old year by this day.


Duration: you can make your duration

Transportation: Vehicle 4*4 off road minivan, highly skilled driver

Accommodation: stay with real nomad family

Meals: Mongolian and Western meals, dessert and bottled water:1,5L per day /per person /

Total distance-1300km



Start our trip from UB city drive to Khan-bogd sum of South-Gobi province.