You will see a number of wild animals in its natural habitat by travelling through steppe and Gobi desert zone by car or by horse or camel through rocky and mountainous roads, and staying the nights in open fields or with herder’s family. For example, you will see wild game animals such as herds of Mongolian gazelles in steppe zone, flocks of Mongolian wild horses in Gobi desert zone, and flocks of wild mountain sheep and goat, foxes, wolves, rabbits and corsac foxes in mountainous zone with the help of a guide. Besides, you will also visit nomad herder families and acquaint with their customs and livelihood on this special field tour.


Duration: 10 days,9 nights

Transportation: Vehicle 4*4 off road minivan, highly skilled driver, riding a horse and camel

Accommodation: stay with real nomad family and tent in wild nature

Meals: Mongolian and Western meals, dessert and bottled water:1,5L per day /per person

Total distance-2000km


Start from UB drive to Eastern Mongolia and Gobi desert.